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Are you aiming for more leads for your business? Do you want to increase online sales? Or do you want more engagement? We are an email marketing agency that can help you! Probus Digital is one of the best email marketing service providers in India. Our experts will get you the best service, strategy, and execution for your business.

Approximately 3.9 billion people use email every day in their daily life for communication. This makes email marketing a great business strategy to connect your business with the right customers.

According to a survey, 61% per cent of brand interactions are done via email. This includes all the age groups and genders. Hence, the widespread usage of email makes it more important for your business to have solid email marketing services.

At Probus Digital, our experts offer you a full-service email marketing strategy that consistently produces ROI. We offer a full-stack email campaign creation and development that results in an increase in your revenue.

Increase the number of active subscribers with our Email Marketing services

Our email marketing campaigns will surely increase your email marketing revenue. We maximize the engagement by creating better content, examining each engagement to catch opportunities, build better email segments, and improve subscription rates.

We all probably get thousands of emails, likewise, your customers also get hundreds of emails flawing for their attention. Most of the emails would be in the “Unread” or would end up in the bin. We do not want your email to lend there!

Choose our email marketing campaign services to get the full attention of your customer. We understand a strong client relationship requires regular interactions. Our experts will make sure your brand builds trust and credibility in customers’ minds.

Email Marketing Services Comprise

Create beautiful template

We are here to save your time by designing and customizing beautiful email templates that impact users and are relevant to your business.

Send time optimization

We provide these add-on features that allow marketers to send an email at the optimal time to every recipient for better customer engagement.

Real-time reports

We create data reports in real-time so you can make decisions on what’s happening at that moment and make your decisions based on the information.

A/B testing

A/B testing or split testing is an email marketing strategy to decide which variation of email performs best and understand your customers’ needs in a better way.

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